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Hi, We're Polished

Hi, We're Polished

Hi, we’re Polished. And we’re so glad you’re here.

We set out to make our customers look and feel great with our collection of premium, all natural skincare. We’re Australian born and bred with a promise to bring you everything you need in good skincare, but nothing you don’t - so no nasties and only the good stuff (hello organic oils, sustainability sourced coffee) - and it’s all tested on us, not animals.

Polished is how you look after you’ve used our products. It’s also the way you feel once you’ve used them. We’ll even go so far to say Polished is the way you begin to carry yourself when grooming rituals such as these become more than one-off pamper sessions, and a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Our first five products were created to be a triple threat in your shower - carefully created formulas that exfoliate with bases of coffee and Himalayan rock salts, nourish your skin with quality ingredients like Vitamin E and leave you moisturised, hydrated and glowing with organic butters and oils.

You know how you’re supposed to layer serums on slightly damp skin? Well, the same principle applies to your body - but who has time for that?! This range will have you tip to toe, ready to go within minutes.

Designed to be used as the last step in the shower, step out from under the water (or better yet turn off the tap for a few moments), and work in your chosen polish into your skin - this’ll get the blood flowing and also ensures it penetrates your skin. Once you’ve rubbed it in all over, lightly rinse and pat dry (don’t be vigorously rubbing off all the post shower oils - this is when all the magic happens!).

While we’re super proud of our body polishes, do stick around, because we have lots more in store for you.