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Sustainable beauty: what’s the deal?

Sustainable beauty: what’s the deal?

As a consumer, the term ‘sustainable’ is hard to escape. We’ll see it written on product websites, social media, packaging and on the news. But it’s also difficult to decipher what the term actually means in reference to the product you’re selecting, and whether it can be backed up.

Before we give you our own spiel of credentials, let’s wind it back a little and discuss how this all relates to the beauty industry.

Globally, the beauty and cosmetic industry is a massive contributor to the amount of plastic waste that pollutes the environment, with more than 120b units of cosmetic packaging being produced and bought annually. The worst part? A large portion of it isn’t recycled - it contains mixed materials, is too small or people chuck it straight into the bin which ends up in landfill. Aside from the packaging, sometimes the product itself wreaks havoc when it ends up in waterways (looking at you pesky microbeads!).

We made a commitment from the get-go to only use ingredients that we know won’t cause harm in production and after use. We partnered with the incredible Sustainable Coffee Company as our base supplier, and all of our products are 100% organic, meaning it won’t damage our beautiful land or oceans when washed away.

Since we’ve got your body care sorted, we wanted to shine a light on some of our favourite brands making a difference elsewhere in the beauty space.

Emma Lewisham

The NZ brand is making waves in the industry, being the first company to adopt a truly circular model by accepting their waste back to reuse again and again. They’re also proudly Climate Positive, a certification that is given to a company that offsets more carbon than they produce.

Kester Black

With a B Corp and Carbon Neutral certification under its belt, Kester Black has been setting and kicking goals since its very beginning. Everything that goes into the cosmetics consumers see has been looked over with the finest of combs. Even the ink on the packaging is sustainable!

We love that you’ve made the choice to shop more ethically. After all, sometimes it's more realistic to swap, not drop. Our best advice is to always be a mindful consumer; buy what you need, when you need it; support local and ethical businesses first; and dispose of your cosmetic waste correctly.