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What's important to us

We set out to make our customers look and feel great with our collection of premium skincare. We prioritise efficacy, bringing our customers everything they need in good skincare, but nothing they don’t.  


Here's what we stand for:

We believe good skin care should be uncomplicated and fun to use.

  • We’re passionate about sourcing the highest quality, ingredients and creating skincare products that are built to a standard, and not to a price point
  • We strive to create products that really pack some punch, from multi-benefits to consumer-friendly packaging, everything is designed with you and your time in mind

Sustainability is important to us and we strive for minimal impact on the environment.

  • We offset all of the carbon emissions in the lifecycle of our products – from making them, through to their spot in your shower, and back in to the recycling stream.
  • We work to ensure that all of the products in our supply chain are responsibly sourced.

 We believe everyone should be able to feel polished so our community and our products are for every body.

  • We’re proud to have a diverse team aligned by similar values, we want our products and our Polished community to attract people of all cultures, races, ages, orientations, genders.
  • We aim to be a force for inclusion, for good, and for positivity - from our team, to our partners, to our wonderful customers and to the community we build.
  • We’re always keen to listen, learn and in return be honest with you.

Our mantra is high quality, premium and only the good stuff, but above all we take every step to ensure our products do what they say.

  • We prioritise efficacy and only make and sell products we truly believe in.
  • Our products high quality, contain premium ingredients, and are never tested on animals.