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Unleash your summer skin.

Unleash your summer skin.

Summer has arrived and you know what that means – sunny days, picnics in the park, shorter sleeves and hemlines. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be feeling the effects of a cold spring and that winter hangover; dry, flaky and dull skin after months of cold air, fake tan and excessive heater use.

We know that dry skin is only something we would notice ourselves, but a change in season is as good a reason as any to switch up our skincare routine and put our best foot (or leg) forward. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to spend a little longer in the shower and amp up your Sunday self care ritual, we have the answer.

If you didn’t know already, coffee and salt scrubs are a cult-classic that deserve their special place on your bathroom shelf. With the ability to reduce signs of acne scarring, sun damage and prevent signs of ageing, Polished scrubs start to minimise the visible signs of a life well lived.

Our arabica coffee grounds and Himalayan salt also do wonders for blood circulation. The rigorous circular movement used to scrub brings life back into the skin and removes any dead skin cells, leaving a soft, smooth and polished body.

For us, nothing screams ‘spring’ more than the Ylang Ylang and Salt Polish. From the rich, sweet notes of the Ylang Ylang oils to the calming benefits they have on the skin, the Ylang Ylang and Salt Polish is the perfect way to prepare to face civilisation after months of hibernation.